Tuition and Fees

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Fellowship Baptist Academy Financial Policy

Introduction: One of the greatest concerns for families considering a Christian education is the financial cost. Before enrolling a student in FBA, parents must first count the cost and be convinced that it is worth the sacrifice. FBA desires to be as flexible as possible in the area of finances, yet provide structure and accountability for families in meeting their financial commitment to the school. FBA, although a ministry of FBC Carson City, is funded primarily by the monies generated through student tuition and fees. Every year we ask that families carefully consider the cost before making a commitment to the school. Also, we ask that each family review and sign the financial policy form prior to the start of every school year.

Tuition Costs:

Pre-School (5 days) $2500

Kindergarten $2500

Elementary (1st – 6th) $3000

High School (7th – 12th) $3250


Registration: **returning families, please read #5 below
1st – 4th Student(s) $125 per student (5th Student on, No registration fee)

Book fees:  All students $125

Additional Fees:
*Office fee (per student) $30
*Computer fee (7th – 12th grades) $25
*Yearbook (1 per family) $35
*Lab fee (7th – 12th grades) $25
*Graduation fee (seniors) $25
*Fundraising fee (1 per family) $100



1. The tuition payment is divided over a 10 month pay period, August through May. The payment is due by the 10th of each month, August through May.

2. It must be understood that all bills must be kept current. If a bill is 30 days overdue, a notice will be sent out to that family notifying them that the bill must be paid or their student(s) will be asked to leave the school. If the bill is 60 days overdue, the family will be asked to remove their student(s) from FBA with the understanding that once the bill is current the student(s) may return to school.

3. Those families who cannot pay full cost are urged to seek assistance. Assistance could include tuition assistance from FBA through a work program, participation in the Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (TRIP), or possibly finding help from grandparents or relatives who desire to help.

4. New families will receive a $500 deduction in tuition their first year. Families who refer other families to FBA will also receive a one-time $500 deduction in tuition. New families must list on their application the name of the family that referred them to FBA. Also, the new family must attend FBA for at least one semester in order for either family to receive the $500 deduction.

5. The registration fee is paid annually. Students will not be allowed to start school until the registration fee is paid in full. There is no charge after the fourth student. For new families, the registration fee is due at the time the student has been formally accepted into the school. The registration fee for returning families is the same as for new families if paid by the 1st of July. After July 1st, the registration fee increases to $200 per student. Registration fees are not refundable.

6. Multiple students tuition discounts: Discount is on tuition only and does not include registration and other fees. 2nd student $250 discount 3rd student $500 discount 4th student $750 discount 5th student and above 100% discount.

7. If the tuition is paid in full for the upcoming school year by August 1st, the family will be given a 10% discount on tuition only. If the tuition is paid in full for the upcoming school year by February 1st, the family will be given a 5% discount on tuition only. This does not include registration and other fees.

8. All financial obligations to FBA must be paid in full by May 15th in order for the student(s) to continue to complete the school year. It is the school policy that no transcripts for records will be forwarded to any party unless accounts are paid in full. Students who have an outstanding balance will not receive a diploma until all accounts are paid in full. Students who have an outstanding balance from the previous school year will not be permitted to start a new school year until the account is current.